More than anything else in your home, your accessories in each and every room reveal a little bit of your personality. There’s nothing better to help reflect your tastes and those of your family. Simply stated, a home without accessories is like food without seasoning.

It all starts with choosing a color scheme for your accessory plan that works with the rest of your home or is blended to become the beginning of a refreshing new direction. Whether it is the perfect mirror, artwork, picture frames, vase, decorative pillows or candle stick we will help you choose the accessories that are perfect for you from our endless assortment. We will guide you to hang the mirrors and artwork in the right place and the right height or put together the perfect grouping of frames. Our design professionals will do this, of course, in the colors and lighting of your home where it should be done.

Lighting is essential in adding depth, character and style to your home. The number of elements, however, to take into account when considering the lighting in your home can be daunting; but unless it is so poor, you may not even notice. Lighting is for aesthetics, ambiance, tasks, and generally just seeing better in your home. In addition, if that isn’t enough, the lamps and light fixtures themselves can be the decorative piece that makes or breaks the space.

A Decorating Den Interiors professional will come to your home with an endless variety of table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and fixtures of all styles. Together you can choose the correct lighting that will solve all your lighting needs and present your home in the perfect light.

You may not change your furniture often but adding or changing your accessories can breathe new life into any room. So contact your local Decorating Den Interiors professional today to schedule a complimentary design consultation and let us help you get started finding just the right accessories to give your home the personality that best reflects your style, your taste and on budget.