Dynamic Women

as published in the Atlantan September 2023
written by Kacie Whitman

“ A dynamic woman is
open to change and new
experiences, embracing challenges
as opportunities for learning.”

For Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods, interior design is a family affair. Principal designers and owners of The Sisters and Company, this sister duo has spent the last 26 years creating some of Atlanta’s most beautiful spaces. Their shared interest in design peaked in childhood. “Our mother was a talented designer who inspired me with her creativity and passion,” says Elliott. “She taught us the basics of color, shape and composition and encouraged us to explore our own style.”

Two decades later, the sisters have done more than simply explore their styles– they’ve helped hundreds of Atlantans discover their own. Specializing in luxury home interiors, Elliott and Woods built their brand by combining function and fashion to create spaces tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle, tastes and style. From single-room makeovers to complete remodels, these Dynamic Women bring a client centered approach and unmatched attention to detail to every client they take on. “We encourage our clients to trust the process and allow us to transform their spaces into what they never knew they wanted but will love,” explains Woods.

The Sisters & Company has received numerous accolades since its inception including the Making a Difference Award in 1996 and Designer of the Year in 2008 and 2016, an award that is judged by an editorial publication panel including Elle Décor, House Beautiful and Traditional Home. The leaders of a fully-female team and members of the Black Interior Designers Network, the sisters have made it their mission to mentor and uplift the local youth who are eager to join the industry. Elliott and Woods believe Dynamic Women are energetic, forceful and confident, ready to inspire others to achieve their best. This duo fits the description perfectly.