A popular search on Google is how to work with an interior designer. Read our Client Reviews and let the people tell you what it’s like working with The Sisters and Company.


What an extraordinary experience working with the Sisters and their team! They transformed our Lake home into a Modern Exquisite masterpiece! We are grateful for their design and expertise and cannot wait to kick back at the lake!

Yetra Bellamy
Jennifer and her staff are wonderful!! We purchased our home last year and I didn’t have a clue on how to decorate our home. I contacted The Sisters & Company and they took care of everything! Very professional and sophisticated group of women! I appreciated that they always communicated any delivery delays with me and were very timely when they they did make deliveries. The products they selected for my home were high quality. Everyone who has visited our home has been impressed by the decor of our home. Whenever I decide to do a refresh, I will be giving them a call.
Lolita Jamison

A very talented group of ladies. What incredible work Mrs. Barbara did in making my house a home. Thank you. I absolutely love it.

S.R Lee

I stumbled upon #TheSistersnColor on Instagram and fell in love with one of their designs. So I reached out to them for help with my powder room and I can confidently say it was the best decision I could have made. Chunja was my designer and she presented me with a couple of designs to choose from and it was a very hard decision to make because all the designs were really nice. I live in Maryland and #TheSistersnColor is located in Georgia. Chunja virtually assisted me through the process. I love my final results. A true transformation!! Thank you Chunja. I look forward to working with you in the future. See my before and after. I am in love with the wallpaper.

Rhonda Wells

This was my first time hiring an interior designer and I must say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Jennifer and her team knew exactly what to do with little input from me, which I appreciate because decorating isn’t my expertise. I provided her with my budget, the colors I love, and my style and she took it from there and ran with it.

From our first meeting to the installation, Jennifer and her team were timely, professional, and friendly. They kept me informed of any changes and delays well in advance and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results! I feel like I never want leave my house as it has become my private oasis.

Lolita Jamison

I can’t keep it to myself. I don’t have deep pockets or the “picture perfect” personal style of Decorating Den’s brand. What I did/do have is a desire to enjoy my home more and see “the feeling” I wanted become a real-life experience… and not spend more than I had. That meant a “this now, that maybe later” approach.

Barbara Elliott has my home looking seamless. I didn’t know if she knew each decision would be a building block for something else- a year or so later! Almost every room of our home has been touched with her gift of giving me what I didn’t know I wanted, keeping in mind my desire for functionality & also keeping my favorite things. We live in every room & the design reflected that.

I started with blinds, I ended up with a new kitchen! I never in my wildest dreams imagined it was possible. Having OCD & anxiety of the unknown, Barbara’s excitement in the vision initially exceeded mine. However, her board presentations showed me “she got me.” It created the trust I needed. I didn’t know she could translate & unveil my family’s best & true self through DECOR! Who knew? The icing was that her entire team exemplified the utmost professionalism, expertise, efficiency while making everything personalized to me. They are all really nice people. I appreciate my fellow Alumnus/Soror popping her head in to say hi every time. It’s the little things.

My frugal husband was even all in – A MIRACLE!! Total & complete satisfaction was required and met for each project. Our home has always been fun, relaxing, peaceful, energizing, casual & comfortable – only now it’s also beautiful & inviting. It looks and feels like US!

The Sisters and Company (Decorating Den) is not only a gift to yourself, but one that everyone who enters your home will experience and enjoy. I could do it all over again. Hmmm, maybe I will!


Words can not express how satisfied I have been with Jennifer Woods and company. Awesome business! Jennifer is very professional and personal . I have used her services in two homes. Her outstanding skills produced remarkable results in my bedrooms, baths, kitchen, den, breakfast room and foyer. She made selling my two homes easy because of the outstanding décor! I am now in my 3rd home and about to make a call to Jennifer to work her magic once again!


The sisters had a first sit down with me to discuss my style. Before long, they presented a layout of the project. This was wonderful because I got a chance to see exactly what the project would look like. This allowed me a chance to decide any changes. The decorators had an incredible fabric and accessory catalog and sample inventory. Their expertise and knowledge of the decorating business is incredible. I would recommend them over and over again.

Connie K.

I truly enjoyed the decorating process with Jennifer. Sometimes I was a bit afraid of the decisions I made, but I decided to trust her completely! Our family room turned out absolutely beautiful. This is the decorating company you have to try if you want a fabulous room that you will enjoy day after day.

Wanda P.

Just finished working with Jennifer for the second time on my second house. She finished my living room, dining room and den. Everything turned out better than i even imagined.! The colors for the windows treatments are so vibrant and warmed up the whole house!! The curtains for my 20ft windows in the den are to absolutely die for!!! I smile every time I look at them!!! Thank you so much Jennifer and her team! Looking forward to my next project with you!!!

Karen L.

Since being in our home we have already been offered twice the amount invested in the property, to purchase it – provided it comes furnished. We even have a national movie producer soliciting us for the use of our home for an upcoming project!

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Billy Mitchell - House of Representatives

I have used this company on several occasions with fantastic results. In describing my vision to J. Woods, she immediately knows what I want. The color schemes chosen mix well with my current décor. The selection of accessories are fantastic and add that !!WOW!! factor. Always take in consideration my budget and my desires to reach the desired and happy medium.


My husband and I have worked with Barbara and Jennifer of Decorating Den (The Sisters), since 2013 and they are phenomenal! I still wake up every morning admiring how beautifully decorated my home is, never having imagined it being in magazines, on postcards, in Houzz and on calendars to say the least. In 2013 my focus was on downstairs which they totally transformed. We are currently on another project as the excitement continues in 2016 . I want to add that they are professional, they have great personalities their eye for detail and beauty are endless and they are so much fun to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the unbelievable in a beautiful home.


I met Jennifer and Barbara in 2004 when I moved to Atlanta. It was my first experience working with interior designers. They were personable, professional, reliable and knowledgeable. They did an intake session with me to help identify my style and to understand what was important to me. They worked patiently with me through all of my uncertainty and indecisiveness! They took time to get to know me and through out the entire process their mission was to help shape and fulfill MY vision for my home. They were inclusive but cognizant of how much or little involvement I wanted throughout the process. I was very nervous about it all but they made it painless, exciting and fun! The results were better than I could have imagined and I could not…

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Michelle L.

Barbara performed an outstanding job on the remodeling of my kitchen. She listened to my desire for the space, worked with a tight budget and made my dream come true. The crew Barbara hired was experienced and professional.


Best decorators ever! I have used them for 20 years, they have beautifully designed and decorated 3 houses and a condo for our family. The designs have been in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine as well as numerous home improvement and design publications….

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Angela L.

Barbara’s company was very professional, all deadlines were met on time. Barbara was very knowledgeable about the company’s products. A job well done, we will definitely use her company again and recommend her company to friends and family.

Rosetta W.

Barbara is an awesome interior designer!!! Every time I come home I am reminded of how grateful I am that I ran into her! My husband & I wanted to decorate, but our schedules were so busy that it was hard to fit in. We interviewed others and none had the extensive background and experience that Barbara did. She can take your style and create a beautiful space! She put together an array of colors, recommended new furniture and helped us with space management.

She is gifted in her craft and made our house a home. I am thrilled to share that she transformed our living, keeping and dining room, guest room and foyer. Our living/keeping rooms were photographed for a prestigious design magazine and won 1st/2nd place! Enough said!


My consultation with Mrs. Barbara Elliott from Decorating Den Interiors was a great experience. I didn’t feel like I was under pressure and she listened to my desires and incorporated them in her designs. The drapes in my living room and family room came out beautifully and helped to bring the rooms come to life. Mrs. Elliott used accessories to embellish my family room and made sure the room fit my taste perfectly. I would definitely use Decorating Den Interiors in the future and recommend it to my friends and family.

Philisia C.

I have worked with Barbara Elliott for 8 or more years on and off. I would strongly recommend her, in fact I have to several friends. Barbara takes the time to listen to her clients. She wants to make sure she brings to life the style you’re in search of for your home.

E. Wilson

Barbara Elliott and team did an EXCELLENT job with decorating and transforming our home to something so special! It is everything we dreamed of and more…the vibrant colors and warmth they brought to our home. The team was very professional and I look forward to future decorating projects with the group. The team was AWESOME TO WORK WITH!!!!!