Meet the Team

The Sisters and Company is owned by interior designers Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods. With a team of designers and support crew behind them, Barbara and Jennifer Ward-Woods have a formidable team who are an integral part of the Stone Mountain interior design company.




Interior designers at The Sisters and Company include Kisha Moore

Kisha Moore
Interior Designer

Kisha is an experienced interior designer specializing in high-quality residential and commercial interiors across the Atlanta Metro area. Her passion for art coupled with her lifelong interest in architecture has helped Kisha create a diverse and wide range of functional and unique interiors in the hospitality, commercial, and residentials areas.

When designing for her clients, Kisha takes a dynamic and thorough approach to creating interiors that align with her client’s unique needs and preferences. As a result, these exquisite spaces not only add value to the residence but also serve as unique backdrops to create long-lasting memories!

With over 12 years of experience in interior design and project management, Kisha uses her keen design eye and attention to detail to assist clients with a wide range of styles, interests, and project sizes. In addition to creating stunning residences, Kisha enjoys traveling, baking, and digital content creation.

Kisha received a Director’s Award at the annual design convention DESIGNCON 2022 in Myrtle Beach, hosted by Decorating Den Interiors.

Interior designers at The Sisters and Company include Chunja

Chunja Sinclair
Interior Designer

Originally from Miami, FL, Chunja always had an eye for fashion and design. Her creativity led her to start noticing how different spaces made her feel, sparking her interest in interior design. She found interior design to be her true passion and shifted her focus from her nursing career towards full time interior design.

Chunja began her interior design career in Atlanta, GA 2016 and obtained her degree in 2019 from Gwinnett Technical College. While in school she received the National Technical Honor Society award.

With her love of fashion design, art and her previous nursing degree, Chunja uses these past careers as inspiration in her designs. Her goal is to increase harmony in the lives of others not just by transforming the spaces they live in, but also to add value and meaning through “touch.”

She gets excited about the opportunity to use interior design to freely express her desire to make others fall in love with the spaces that she designs for them. A problem-solver who does not gravitate to one particular aesthetic, she believes that good design is founded in purpose, reason, and feeling, and that it is something everyone deserves to experience.

Chunja received a Director’s Award at the annual design convention DESIGNCON 2022 in Myrtle Beach, hosted by Decorating Den Interiors. She was also the recipient of two decorating awards for her first time entries into the annual Dream Room competition.


Ariel Georgette Chen
Design Assistant

Ariel Chen is the interior design assistant at the award-winning The Sisters and Company design studio. She established her mark in August 2021 and since has made strategic assistance to both leading interior design owners who design homes for luxury residents and multi-family homes.

Ariel studied at the illustrious Florida A&M University and completed her undergraduate degree at one of the top art schools, Savannah College of Arts and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. She then furthered her education by completing her graduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.

She is dedicated to advancing her craft and believes in invoking the unique soul of every project. Each task is completed and designed with intention and a distinct aesthetic that is eclectic, bold, visually exciting, and timeless.

Her career endeavors have garnered awards, media coverage, and global recognition, enabling her to expand her passion in pursuing a career in interior design, owning her own home + lifestyle e-commerce business, and philanthropic local community service.

With her passion for interior design and marketing, Ariel records behind-the-scenes glimpses of the design studio creative process, collaborative partnerships, and life as an entrepreneur, exemplifying the kind of camaraderie, transparency, and connection with who she is as an individual.

Ariel immensely enjoys building impactful relationships with all the ladies at The Sisters and Company, being a leader, and most importantly designing spaces where clients turn their house into a home.

Hope Christine
Media Manager

With a progressive career of over 19 years, Hope started at The Sisters and Company as a teenager. Her responsibilities have evolved over the years. After relocating back to GA in 2016, Barbara and Jennifer felt Hope’s best assets could be used to help market and brand The Sisters and Company.

Although Hope does not make rooms beautiful; she creates marketing content for their entire social platform and is the company’s voice to many audiences, including customers, potential customers, journalists, and fans.

Hope believes her canvas is her computer screen. She enjoys working at The Sisters and Company, a Decorating Den franchise. “Not only am I able to do what I love, but I’m also able to learn new things all the while working with my mother and aunt,” Hope said.

To reach Hope, call 770-498-7780 or email

Sylvia Sloan McPherson

For over twenty years Sylvia has been employed as the Accountant for The Sisters and Company,  a franchise of Decorating Den Interiors. Sylvia says “it doesn’t seem like work when you are working with your best friends! At The Sisters and Company we work hard and play hard! It’s a great place to work!”

Our wonderful manager Rhonda

Rhonda Polanco
Office Manager

Rhonda has been the Office Manager at The Sisters and Company for the last 3 years. She has been an admirer of our work for 22 years and was able to join our staff as a Design Assistant in August 2017. Thanks Deanie for the encouragement!!!

Her appreciation for beautiful classic design was nurtured by her mother, Mamie Davis Crawford and Aunt Inez Trenier. Their craftsmanship in designing and constructing beautiful bedding, pillows, and window treatments gave their family and friends great joy.

Now, she experiences helping to create the same joy for the clients of The Sisters and Company. Rhonda uses her interpersonal skills to make clients feel well informed and at ease from the first call. She diligently works with the designers, staff and vendors to help make ‘The Client Reveal Day a pleasant reality.

Rhonda believes that everyone has a sense of style and should let The Sisters and Company nurture it and bringing it to life. Let us excite your life, call 770-498-7780.