A Great Place to Entertain

Our clients wanted to add some wow to their new living room. They loved the bones of the space and wanted to use the area for entertainment.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

To revamp the living room, we embarked on a transformation journey that would breathe new life into the space. Our first mission: bidding farewell to the old, dated light fixture, and ushering in a touch of opulence with a dazzling crystal chandelier. Next, we created the seating arrangement, opting for a sumptuous sofa and a pair of swivel chairs that promised comfort and style in equal measure.

To offset the sleek marble floors, we introduced a modern area rug in a vibrant palette of cream, teal, and orange. The rug not only brought warmth but also added a captivating burst of color to the room. We harmonized these hues throughout the space, creating a cohesive design that felt both contemporary and inviting.

For a touch of artistic flair, we adorned the niches above the bookcases with a handmade sisal wallpaper in a striking teal hue, embellished with a mesmerizing tiger stripe. In the heart of the room, a round cocktail table took center stage, boasting creamy wood with elegant gold accents. For symmetry,  mirrored tables flank each side of the inviting cream sofa. The finishing touches were added through carefully chosen accessories.


A Great Place to Entertain