Award-Winning Home Office

1st Place Winner
Home Office


2nd Place Winner
The People’s Choice

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and
Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to transform their guest bedroom into a casual gentleman’s home office with a masculine feel. The room is the first one you see when entering the home, so we needed it to have a cohesive feel with the rest of the house.

We started by choosing a bold black color for the walls. We had a custom bookcase built with a functional workspace along the back wall. Accent lighting and wallpaper were added to the back of the custom bookcase. A charcoal lacquered round desk was chosen  plus two embroidered bolstered back metal chairs. Beautiful accents of accessories in organic stones and European artistic ceramic vases were placed in the bookcase. Beautiful black and taupe linen color-blocked draperies were hung along the windows to add a masculine touch to the space.

A rug of a multitude of mixed neutral colors that blends the room’s palette was chosen to anchor the space. Along the other wall in the room, a beautiful gallery was created with abstract art and rich tones of plunging pastels. The room exudes a casual elegance, making it the root of true curb appeal with a gentleman’s touch!

Award-Winning Home Office