Glamour and a 3-D Wall Mural

Dream Room Winner

2nd Place Winner
Children’s Rooms

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Chunja Sinclair

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to create a bedroom out of an old library room. He wanted to make the space feel and look like an oasis for his daughter. The wall opposite the bed was wallpapered with a stunning 3D mural that featured the room’s color palette of gold, gray, cream, and white.

The walls were painted a soft pink, and we hung a huge gold lip above the bed to bring out some of the gold tones. The window treatments are elegant and soft with shimmering cream fabric and a pale pink beaded trim to band the panels. We added a beautiful dresser, huge nightstands, and a teardrop gold chandelier to complete the space.

The 3D mural opposite of the bed added to the glamour of this stunning bedroom. Pink filled the walls as her large nightstands flanked her beautiful velvet channeled headboard. The elegant dresser added needed storage. The shimmering window treatments, colossal gold lips, plush bedding, and chandelier in crystal and gold added to the glamour of the space.

Glamour and a 3-D Wall Mural