Home Hair Salon

Barbara and Jennifer’s challenge was to create a beauty salon and lounge area in part of an unfinished basement for their client’s seven daughters so they can enjoy each other’s company and do their hair in their own home.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

An unfinished basement is always a challenge because it can be so many things.  Barbara and Jennifer had to carve out spaces from an enormous area for different purposes and make each space feel like home. The floors had to be finished as well as electrical outlets to provide lighting in the area. For the girl’s salon we selected a color palette of pink, white, gold, and silver shades.

Lighting was vital as there is no natural light so adding recessed lighting in the space helped achieve that purpose. The salon includes white tufted salon styling stations and chairs  to give that salon feel, and added wallpaper filled with shades of pink and gold behind the salon furniture, creating a beautiful accent wall. In between the stations, we hung gorgeous acrylic and gold pendants to add a touch of glam.

Behind the styling stations, we added a console table and customized the benches in a stunning pink velvet to connect the colors in the space, and hung a huge floral artwork filled with color above the console. We also customized a banquette from the same pink fabric and added a table and a contemporary chandelier above to add more lighting.

The space was completed by adding accessories and sheer window treatments with a silver metallic design accented on a gold rod.

Home Hair Salon