In the City’s Heartbeat

Our client wanted a beautiful living room in her newly purchased house in the city’s heartbeat. She wanted lots of color with a modern flair.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

We started by choosing a cobalt blue sofa with sexy curved lines and metal-finished legs as the starting point for the design. Two oversized curved chairs in tangelo fabric were added and flanked from the bookcases for additional seating. A round glass cocktail table and nickel-finished end tables were added, along with tall chrome-finished bulb lamps for additional lighting. We also chose a bold fabric with interlocking shades of blue and orange to dress the windows.

A large white dimensional tile was chosen for the fireplace to give the space a more modern feel. A large abstract painting in shades of blue and orange was added to provide more cohesiveness to the room. To finish the look, a largely neutral color area rug was chosen to anchor the space. A halo crystal chandelier added sparkles and elegance and exuded class with a statement polished white Grand piano. Bold, beautiful, and colorfully charming is the epitome of the space!

In the City’s Heartbeat