Location: N/A

Designer Credits: N/A

Project Overview:

The homeowners had just purchased this small bungalow home and needed our help in making the small house into a comfortable living space. They also wanted to update the home and give it a more transitional feel for an urban family.

・・・ ・・・・・・ ・・・・・・ ・・・

We started by choosing soft gray tones for the walls and a lighter tone for the ceilings. A beautiful arabesque rug in gray and white was selected for the floor. Two sofas in a gray microsuede fabric with silver nailheads were selected. Pillows in tangelo orange in a multi-color Bohemian fabric was used to tie the colors together. An accent chair in a beautiful orange velvet fabric was placed opposite the sofas for seating. To give the room a more spacious feel, the window treatment panels in an Aztec design in lemon yellow and white were hung to the top of the molding. Colorful accessories starting with an oversized abstract art piece with all the colors in the room that was placed over the sofa. Next, to the sofa we set a cherry wood table flanked with a porcelain orange lamp. A large square cherry cocktail table anchored the room. A silver round accent end table was placed alongside the orange accent chair.