Vibrant Living Room

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and
Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

For our homeowner, her new living room was too dark. We selected a soft gray to paint the walls and painted the dark stained wood a rich gray hue. To highlight the room and add attention to the tall ceiling an oversized crystal chandelier inside a chrome sphere was chosen for the room. Three curious from the homeowners’ precious house were placed opposite the window wall. Panels with tall pleats were made from a beautiful purple silk damask and hung from chrome rods with square crystal finials.

A tailored sofa and a pair of tall wing chairs create the seating area. A graphic area rug with gray and white highlight the room. Mirrored and glass tables and acrylic side tables complete the space. Beautiful art, oversized purple lamps and colorful custom pillows complete the look. A graphic sculptured area rug anchors the space.

Vibrant Living Room