Year Round Las Vegas Suite

3rd Place Winner


2nd Place
The People’s Choice

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and ,br>Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

The positive aspect of this space was that it was huge. The negative part of the area was that it was huge! Our client wanted to create the feel of an upscale Las Vegas hotel.

We first had to address a new layout. We flipped the bedroom and the sitting areas. The wall behind the bed was treated with embossed gold wallpaper. A feminine color palette of violet, gray, and cream was chosen. A pair of nightstands in a rose gold finish was selected to flank the bed. Bedding in violet, gold, and gray was selected. The fireplace was wrapped in a bold porcelain tile. Two angled wing chairs flank each side of the fireplace.

For the sitting area, a curated sectional is placed between the windows. The sitting room is anchored with an oval brass ribbed wood table. We used the same ceiling light on both sides to connect the look.

There’s so much to love in this space. The client wanted to feel like she was year-round in a Las Vegas suite. We used a rich color palette throughout the bedding and rearranged the layout of this master bedroom space, which has ample space to accommodate two seating areas. The room is glamorous and strict in equal measurement as everything is in a suitable space.

Year Round Las Vegas Suite