7 Elegant Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Try in 2022

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by Sarah Grossbart

These easy design moves will give you an ultra-luxurious space.

So many different elements can contribute to a beautiful bathroom, from tile options and cabinetry picks to the color choice for your walls (and even the towels). But there’s something about the added drama of one special, over-the-top detail—like statement lighting or a decadently deep tub—that makes this traditionally utilitarian space feel truly indulgent. And what better time than now, as we head into a new calendar year, to resolve to make a big-impact update?

Achieving the bathroom of your dreams is 100 percent within reach, thanks to these tips and tricks from five top designers with Decorating Den Interiors, a network of individually owned and operated interior design franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada. Read on to soak up all their advice, and get inspired to spruce up your space.

Use a Chandelier as Vanity Lighting

Use a small chandelier instead of regular bathroom lighting
Sure, standard recessed lighting is fine, but why not bring in a fixture that can shine bright like a diamond, like designer Kristen Pawlak did with a crystal pendant in the powder room above? “Design-wise, it added a luxe look that our client wanted,” says the owner of Louisville’s KP Designs, and practically speaking, “it directed the lighting where it needs to be: right over the sink.”

Even though it’s meant to be a standout feature, Pawlak recommends choosing a chandelier in a finish that complements the rest of the room’s hardware. “Everything in a bathroom doesn’t need to be ‘matchy-matchy’ but I do try to keep the lights and faucets in the same finish for a cohesive look,” she says.

Pair Bold Art With a Sculptural Tub

Pair a curvy tub with bold art
Here’s a way to turn your bathroom into a true masterpiece: Hang a canvas over a modern freestanding tub for a sleek, gallery-like vibe. For the room above, Pawlak chose a metallic-accented version (on water- and warp-resistant canvas) to amp the luxury factor. While she recommends choosing a piece that’s no wider than the tub, anything goes from there. “Abstract, still life, landscape, you name it,” she says. “If the scale and colors are right, any type can work.”

Paint the Cabinets a Wow Color

Paint bathroom cabinets a bold color

Fortune truly does favor the bold—at least when it comes to crafting an attractive space. Covering your cabinetry in a striking hue “creates an unexpected focal point,” says Heather Smith, an interior designer at The Shivers’ Design Team at Decorating Den Interiors in Missouri. She used Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore in the bathroom above. The daring shade is surprisingly versatile. “It’s just like wearing a pair of blue jeans,” she says. “Everything goes with it!”

She paired the indigo hue with a subtly patterned wallpaper and light flooring “to let the dark blue be the star of the show,” but you don’t always have to stick with subdued accents, Smith says. “I’ve also used jewel-toned multicolor wallpaper with navy blue for a really stunning look.”

Use Pieces That Don’t Feel Like Bathroom Furniture

use beautiful furniture if you have space in your bathroom

While a few functional items are required for a bathroom, filling your space with some unexpected, more stately picks can transform it from practical to exceptionally polished, as Cassy Young, owner of Georgia’s Young Design Group, explains. “Elegant versions of non-bathroom furniture adds a special element to the everyday experience of self-care.”

To elevate the bright, airy bathroom above, Young added a painted wood armchair from Stanley Furniture (the perfect spot for plush towels), a small table from Universal Furniture, silver Fabricut drapery panels, and a Currey & Company crystal chandelier. Opt for clean-lined pieces like these in a monochromatic palette, she suggests, to avoid a look that’s dated or fussy. “It’s better to add interest with smaller details like a bit of trim on drapery panels or crystal touches on lighting. That’s just enough layering to complete the space.”

Give Your Shower The Spa Treatment

Sometimes all it takes to create an upscale space is a strategic revamp of bathroom accessories. In the example above, Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods, the Atlanta-based duo behind The Sisters and Company, started with a rain showerhead and jets “to create an ultimate shower experience” and added resort-like acrylic pump dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The finishing touch: a set of fluffy white towels, rolled instead of folded and artfully stacked. See the full bathroom makeover.

Mix Your Metals

Why not go for the gold, the silver, and the bronze? Because, as it turns out, there’s no rule that you have to commit to just one precious metal in your space. Though Kris Miller, owner and principal designer at Decorating Den Interiors in Austin largely stuck to chrome finishes in this spot (above), she punctuated the design with a matte platinum art deco-style Linen Fold mirror because, she thought, “the contrasting finish would make it even more of a showpiece.” A good metal-mixing guideline, according to Miller? Use just two types of metals (her favorites are matte black with gold or silver) and keep them consistent within each product category. “For instance, all plumbing fixtures should be the same finish,” she says, “but then it’s fine to choose cabinet hardware in a different one.”

Supersize Your Storage

Added storage in your bathroom

No spa-like retreat is truly complete without a vanity large enough to stash every last one of your face masks and massage creams. As Young sees it, the ideal piece is heavier on drawers than cabinets, so that everything’s easily visible when they’re open—plus, it has an interior that’s divided up into compartments for supreme organization. To that end, Young stocked the one above with a bevy of clear Container Store bins. “Hair dryers and brushes are stored in containers in a deep lower drawer to the left, and face and skin care essentials go in other ones in a drawer below the sink,” she says. “Toothbrushes and toothpaste are in a center drawer, makeup is organized in two slim drawers to the left, and refills of items in all categories sit in the upper left cabinet.” When it comes to getting the most enjoyment out of your space, the ultimate luxury is having a system where “everything is easy to find and access.”

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