Top US Franchise for 2021

The Corporate office of Decorating Den Interiors announced the top franchise figures this week for 2021.

Despite continued Covid-19 challenges and new supply-chain difficulties, Decorating Den Interiors franchisees The Sisters and Company achieved a second consecutive year of record-setting sales growth.

“The increased focus on the home has sparked a tremendous surge in remodeling and decorating projects,” said James S. Bugg, Jr. CEO and President of the Easton, Md. based company. “With all the concerns and challenges encountered in the last two years, I am very proud of the resilience and professionalism of our interior design business owners.”

“Our top ten US franchises plus our top owner in Canada had total 2021 sales that were 66-percent greater than 2020.” Bugg added. “Many of our franchisees had their best year ever in 2021.”

Honored again as members of the company’s Chairman’s Circle were the top ten franchisees for highest sales in the United States. Number one in the U.S were sisters Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods, Stone Mountain, Ga, whose franchise The Sisters and Company had its best year ever. Also honored for top sales was their interior designer Kisha Moore.

You can read the full article at Decorating Den Interiors.


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