What does luxury mean to you?

When you hear the word luxury, what comes to mind? Is it expensive cars, furs, and furnishings, or is it comfort, minimalism, and a sprawling property?

Ultimately, luxury can mean many things and the answer to that question will change depending on who you ask. The same is true when it comes to luxury in home furnishings and design today: Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a house luxurious.

Let’s explore what luxury in home design means to some real estate and décor experts to pinpoint what the height of opulence can look like.

Quality over quantity

You may think that a luxury home simply means it’s large, but that’s not the case. In an interview with Realtor.com, Lisa Gild of Partners Trust said, “Luxury is the quality of the build, the location of the home, and the magnitude of the property — but it is also very personal.”

For some people, this could be a high-rise with sweeping city views, for others, a large home on the ocean with a private beach. A luxury home is truly in the eye of the beholder, but it is typically one built with quality materials and meets the style preferences and practical needs of the homeowner. Whether that means a smart home with minimalist décor or a sprawling cape inspired by the sea, as long as the quality of the build is there, it’s on its way to being described as luxurious.


Luxury furniture customized for you



Leather, velvet, and satin are all considered luxury materials used in home furnishings and clothing, and it’s no wonder why. Not only do these materials look elegant, but they also feel expensive and are comfortable to lounge on.

In fact, noted interior decorator Billy Baldwin once said “Comfort is perhaps the ultimate luxury.” Luxurious homes typically include furnishings like sofas and drapery in luxurious materials, and added accessories like plush pillows and blankets for added comfort.

Attention to detail

While location, price, and square footage are all basic factors that make a home ideal, one thing can be the difference between a high-end house and a luxury home: detail. According to Rocket Homes, homes that include “uncommon architectural details and exceptional amenities” are ones that exude an extravagant feel.

Extra details, like custom built-ins, a chef’s kitchen, or unique décor help a luxury home stand out from those that would be defined as high-end and are highly coveted by homeowners.


A luxurious custom bathroom



Many homeowners would likely describe the house of their dreams as luxurious, and that’s because it would have all of the amenities and style they love. Achieving this look of opulence is easier than homeowners may think; all it takes is some customization and assistance from an expert interior designer. “Luxury is all about customization, having a design and luxury products that are unique and special just for the client.

When homeowners can choose the design elements and furnishings they desire in their home, they create their own luxurious bubble.

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