Cozy Family Room

Our client wanted to transform her white kitchen into a glamorous kitchen with colorful elements.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

We opted for a sleek gray hue for the custom cabinets, injecting a burst of vibrant teal onto the island for a striking contrast. Adding to the allure, we introduced an antique mirror and marbled backsplash, creating a captivating focal point that exudes glamour.

For the hardware, we selected acrylic pulls with chrome ends, complementing the contemporary aesthetic. Polished nickel pendants with round globes gracefully illuminate the island, while inviting counter stools, upholstered in rich marshmallow white leather with natural mahogany wood and stainless steel legs, offer comfortable seating.

Injecting a pop of personality, we adorned an accent wall with textured blue wallpaper, while a dimensional three-panel mirrored wall art piece introduces a touch of sophistication. Illuminating the space, a Sputnik chrome-finished chandelier provides ample lighting. Finally, an array of carefully selected accessories adds the finishing touches, completing the cohesive and inviting ambiance of the space.

Cozy Family Room