An Integrated Family Space

Our client wanted to update her kitchen in their new home without the expense of replacing the cabinets.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Barbara Elliott and Jennifer Ward-Woods

Project Overview:

We implemented changes such as altering the color scheme of the island and upgrading the hardware. Our team meticulously curated various elements including countertops, backsplash, floor tiles, sink, faucets, lighting fixtures, and furniture, while defining the color palette for the project.

Beginning with the focal point of the kitchen, we opted for a stunning marble tile backsplash to infuse brightness into the space. The dated granite countertops were replaced with exquisite white quartz featuring elegant gold marbling, with waterfalls added to each side of the island for a touch of luxury. To introduce an element of drama, the island was painted in a striking shade called ‘Endless Sea.’

We elevated the look further by swapping out the old bronze knobs for brushed gold hardware, adding a touch of glamour. Injecting more vibrancy, we adorned gold metal counter stools with a navy geometric print on the seat back and teal fabric for the seat. Panels featuring a multicolor print framed in teal linen were hung on gold rods at the bay window, adding visual interest. To complement the architectural lines, a custom octagon-shaped area rug was designed. A round gold metal table with a glass top was chosen, accompanied by cream dining chairs for a chic yet inviting atmosphere.

An Integrated Family Space