Transformed Theater Room

Transforming this theater room posed the challenge of infusing it with vintage charm while instilling it with a fresh burst of color and personality.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Chunja Sinclair

Project Overview:

In our approach, we opted to paint the ceiling a sophisticated dark gray, setting the stage for an immersive cinematic experience. To enhance the ambiance, we strategically adorned the walls with wallpaper, meticulously chosen to evoke the essence of classic theaters. Here, a playful twist was introduced by mounting the wallpaper upside down, injecting a sense of dynamism into the space. The chosen wallpaper boasts a palette of refined gray tones complemented by subtle hints of bronze and gold, as well as touches of pristine white.

To further elevate the theatrical allure, contemporary wall sconces were expertly installed, providing essential illumination during screenings while enhancing the room’s realism. Additionally, we draped luxurious gold-toned fabric around the television, evoking the lavishness synonymous with traditional cinema settings. An elegant credenza, adorned with shimmering textures, was strategically positioned beneath the TV, serving both as a functional storage solution and an instant infusion of sophistication.

To tie the space together, we curated plush brown leather seating and adorned the walls with iconic movie posters. These elements not only unified the room’s design but also fulfilled our clients’ vision, delivering the desired aesthetic with finesse and flair.

Transformed Theater Room