Add Meaning to Your Décor: Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast cancer awareness monthSince we are an interior design community made up primarily of women, it is only natural that we focus on the color of October. A month of promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. Yes, we are Thinking Pink.

Adding pink or a variation of pink to your décor will not only brighten the space, it will add meaning as it reminds you of this important life-saving cause. Just for this month, try a new pink pillow — you may like it!

Two bedrooms with touches of pink for breast cancer awareness month.

The bedroom is an obvious space in which to add a ribbon of pink. It could be as simple as adding a bedding runner or decorative pillows (above).


See how pink elevated this attic bedroom.Bedroom by The Sisters and Company. SEE PROJECT.

The accessory on the dresser above left says it all: Be Bold. A little girl’s room can be an obvious place to be in the pink. This client’s daughter wanted pink and blue to represent her colorful style. The custom paint treatment of hot pink on the wall with bold blue geometric lines helps break up the narrow space. The white bedding serves as a good foundation for the pink bolster and patterned pink and blue pillows. Our designer even incorporated a hot pink custom cushion on the window seat.


Two pink dining rooms with very different styles.

Dining spaces are another area to make a pink statement. The breakfast nook above left has its inspiration from the wall art. While the colors actually lean more to red, they are shades that also convey an attitude of pink. Window treatments are a great way to add some life to a space. Again, while those on the above right are not bright pink, they can make one think of pink depending on how the light is hitting. The upholstered chairs and rug also hint of pink at first blush.


Deep shades of coral in this beautiful living room contrast with the navy sofa and rug..

The designer calls the wall color coral and the dark blue custom sofa and circular rug contrast well while the rest of the color palette draws your eye around the room. It shows how you can use a dominant color without it shouting down the rest of the space or overwhelming other furnishings and accessories. It all makes for a beautiful and distinctive gathering space.


Beautiful pink living rooms that can change color at your whim so add pink this month for Breast Cancer Awareness.Living room (right) by The Sisters and Company. SEE PROJECT.

Yes, pink also can work in a more formal space. In the above left, a simple throw cover and a single pillow can say “Hello, look at me.” We say it with flowers, too. In the room above right, the pops of pink provide a terrific accent to the prominent black and white design. The pink ottomans with a Greek key design created by gold nail heads are stunning. The oversized dark sectional is the perfect backdrop for pink pillows. Artwork by the client’s favorite artist pulls it all together and winks at you with a touch of pink.


Pink Equipe tile glows pink in this powder room.
Pink tile (left) by Equipe Ceramics.

How about a pink bathroom backsplash? Or brightening up a home office with pink in the walls, wallpaper and art?


Call black interior design team The Sisters and Company in Stone Mountain, GA.
Award-winning kitchen by The Sisters and Company. SEE PROJECT

Lastly, you don’t have to have pink everywhere. Just a small touch of pink in the artwork and flowers (above) add a feminine touch.


If you’d like to add some meaningful pink to your décor, contact us or call direct 770-498-7780.



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